About PodcastAudit.com

This website is designed for podcast authors to aggregate international reviews in iTunes® and to easily access podcast rankings by genre.

International iTunes® Reviews

For any given podcast, the iTunes® store provides a separate portal for reviews and comments based on country. For example, a podcast review posted in the Canadian iTunes® store will not appear to users who have associated with the iTunes® store in the United States.

Although podcast authors can change their affiliated country to read reviews from outside of their country, this is a time-consuming process. Instead, this website aggregates all reviews from the following English-speaking iTunes® stores and provides these in an easy-to-use format:

  • United States United States
  • Canada Canada
  • Australia Australia
  • New Zealand New Zealand
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Ireland Ireland

Podcast Rankings by Genre

iTunes® does not make it easy to see how a specific podcast ranks for a genre (such as "Science & Medicine"). Even if you go through the effort of identifying a podcast's rank for one particular genre, you would need to repeat the process for any other genres the podcast belongs to as well as other iTunes® store countries the podcast is listed in.

To simplify the process, PodcastAudit.com collects the top 200 podcasts for each genre in the English-speaking iTunes® stores listed above. This website refreshes the ranking list each week.

Of note, podcast rankings can be quite labile. Apple does not disclose the exact algorithm to determine podcast rankings, but it is very likely related to the number of new subscribers (within the past few days) and possibly less related to the podcast's ratings and reviews.

Questions or Comments

For questions or comments, please email: contact [at] podcastaudit.com